10 Ways to Help a Sore Throat

Once in your lifetime, you’ve probably experienced the symptoms of a sore throat. Scratching, burning, and itching are the common symptoms portrayed and they don’t feel good especially if they’re accompanied by a cold. However, you can get immediate relief from your sore throat without the services of a doctor.  Below are the best Strep […]

Once in your lifetime, you’ve probably experienced the symptoms of a sore throat. Scratching, burning, and itching are the common symptoms portrayed and they don’t feel good especially if they’re accompanied by a cold. However, you can get immediate relief from your sore throat without the services of a doctor. 

Below are the best Strep throat remedies to make you feel better when a sore throat strikes:

  • saltwater gargle
  • lozenges
  • sage spray
  • hydration
  • humidifier
  • over-the-counter (OTC) pain relief
  • honey
  • steam shower
  • raise your head
  • antibiotics

1. Gargle salty water to ease a scratchy throat,  swollen throat or inflamed throat

A scratchy throat can be soothed by gaggling warm salty water. This discomfort is brought about by mucus around your swollen tissue, but salt absorbs it and reduces the discomfort.

This simple formula is achieved by combining half a teaspoon of table salt with eight ounces of warm water. Stir to mix, then gargle for several seconds and spit. Repeat this several times a day.

2. Letting a lozenge melt on your tongue is a sweet sore throat treatment for a painful throat

Menthol is a common ingredient in some throat lozenges. The burning sensation experienced while having a sore throat can be numbed by Menthol lozenges giving you temporary relief from the itching sensation. Some candies can also be effect like lozenges as they encourage the increase in saliva production that keeps your throat lubricated. 

In relevance to the above information, candy is not as effective as menthol medicated throat lozenges as its relief is short-lived. Keep children away from cough drops or lozenges as they are a choking hazard.

3. Strep throat cause / cause of sore throat versus viral throat infection & OTC pain relief

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have concluded that most sore throats are a result of a virus infection. Unfortunately, viruses are resistant to antibiotics that kill bacteria, so they’re let to disappear on their own.

Ibuprofen or naproxen are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines that reduce inflammation in your throat while suffering from a sore throat infection. 

4. To help sore throat is as easy as enjoying a drop of honey

An irritated throat is soothed by tea sweetened with honey. It also keeps you hydrated, which is a paramount step in treating a sore throat. Honey is also an effective cough suppressant and works similarly to OTC cough medications. Brew up a hot cup of tea next time a sore throat infection threatens your comfort.

Green tea is a rich source for getting antioxidants, also serves as an antibacterial pain reliever as well as help reduce inflammation. 

5. Try an Echinacea and sage throat sprays

Echinacea and sage bring a soothing home remedy for sore throat in sprays. The European Journal of Medical Research concludes that this herbal combination is a great home remedy to soothe a burning sore throat. 

6. Natural remedies for sore throat is staying hydrated

It’s very important to stay hydrated if you’re battling a sore throat. Mucus and saliva are the natural fluids in your body that assist in making your throat lubricated and without taking hot fluids, dehydration will be inevitable and will lead to making your swelling and inflammation worse.

Hot soup, tea, or water are a good source for rehydration purposes, however, they can burn your already sensitive throat if they’re extremely hot and make the problem worse. 

Caffeine and alcohol are to be avoided at all costs as they bring dehydration instead of rehydration. 

7. Using a humidifier is one of the great dry throat remedies

Your nose and throat can appreciate breathing in the humid air as it soothes the already swollen tissue. Keeping the mist humidifier on increase moisture in your room as well as wetness in your nasal cavity. 

8. I have a sore throat can a steam shower ease my throat irritation

Do not take the mist in your bathroom for granted as it works similarly to a humidifier. Surprisingly, breathing in the steam from a hot shower reduces the swelling and eases the pain brought about by throat irritation. 

Steam outside the bathroom is generated by running very hot water into a sink and dropping a towel over your head as you lean towards the sink to breathe in the steam. The process involves staying covered with the towel as you take deep breaths repeatedly for a few minutes to ease your sore throat. 

9. Viral sore throat

Since there is no cure for viral infections, take your time and boil some water in an uncovered pot for 30 minutes to increase the humidity in the room that you’re in. Once the water is hot and steamy, add a tablespoon of menthol ointment such as Vick’s VapoRub to the water. Within a few seconds, you should start feeling the air with decongestant menthol aromas.

10. Raising your head is one of the simplest cures for sore throat or a throat hurting

If you have a nose block simultaneously with a sore throat, add an extra pillow under your head. Keeping your head aligned with your body due to the extra height helps in breathing easier. The extra height also keeps your mouth shut as you will not have any breathing difficulties as well as dryness in your mouth. 

11. If you have a sore throat and ear irritation, get a prescription for antibiotics for sore throat

Most sore throats are caused by viruses, but sometimes bacteria like streptococcus can trigger strep throat. In the event your sore throat persists, go for a strep test from a reputable doctor. 

Finishing an antibiotic dose is very important according to doctors. Most people cease taking the drugs once they feel the symptoms ease or go away. The reason why doctors emphasize completing the full dose is that some bacteria may be left behind and will ignite a new infection or the surviving bacteria will grow resistant to the antibiotic.

12. Sore throat and fever vs throat with strep in children 

Just like adults, children fall victim to Sore throats caused by viruses. Their symptoms go away after four to five days. High fever is the first sign your child needs to visit a pediatrician as it could be a sore throat. If you’re sure that your child is suffering from strep throat, that is only when you treat them via an antibiotic. Pain in your child’s sore throat is relieved by medicines like ibuprofen or acetaminophen but to administer these medicines, you’ve to check with your pediatrician first if your child is under the age of six months.

Do not give aspirin (Bufferin) to children younger than 18 years of age due to the risk of a rare but serious condition called Reye’s syndrome.

13. Below are other sore throat remedies of relieving persistent sore throat infection:

  • Tea and chicken broth make perfect fluids to ease sore throats in children. One-year-old children can have tea with a little honey mixed to soothe their throat.
  • Sucking on something cold, such as an ice pop eases the itchiness in the child’s sore throat.
  • Let your child gaggle 1/2 a teaspoon of salt and 8 ounces of warm water.
  • Gaggling without swallowing is highly encouraged for children over the age of 6 years.

Children should not use sore throat sprays as they contain the anesthetic benzocaine that causes an allergic reaction in some children.

14. If you have a one sided sore throat or an ulcer throat, seek the services of a doctor

There are plenty of home remedies and OTC treatments that can relieve pain and discomfort of a sore throat

See your doctor if the below symptoms occur or persist;

  • Come up with a high fever
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Pain while swallowing food or fluids

15. Prevention and remedies for itchy throat and sore throat and cough

Washing your hands with soap and warm water keeps one away from viruses or bacteria. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer can be used as well to keep clean. Surfaces like doorknobs, practices like shaking hands, or exposing yourself to coughing or sneezing people should be avoided. 

Sharing personal items, such as glasses, silverware, and toothbrushes are forbidden practices. Eat a healthy diet and exercise, this will boost your immune system. 

16. Sore throat for a week

Having a sore throat for a week is brought about by injuries or irritants like:

  •  Smoking, yelling, air pollution, postnasal drip, or throat irritation from low humidity.
  • A stuffy nose or breathing via one’s mouth.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease and its symptoms include stomach acid backing up into the throat. 
  • A puncture after falling with a pointed object in the mouth, this is considered as an injury to the back of the throat. 
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition that causes extreme tiredness.

To obtain relief from a sore throat you can use home treatments mentioned above.

17. My throat is hurting, could it be sore throat allergies

Allergies to molds, dust, pollen, and pet dander can cause a sore throat. The symptoms are complicated by postnasal drip, which can inflame the throat.
Outdoor irritants and indoor pollution like chemicals or tobacco smoke can bring a chronic sore throat. Drinking alcohol, eating spicy foods, and chewing tobacco can irritate your throat.

18. Painful throat remedies when experiencing a sore throat while pregnant or a sore throat no fever

During pregnancy, a sore throat alone isn’t as dangerous as it can be a common symptom of lots of ailments. Checking with your doctor is a brilliant precaution.
Thanks to fluctuating pregnancy hormones, the body experiences oral symptoms like excessive thirst, sore throat, and a dry mouth. If these symptoms are the cause of your sore throat, focus on measures to increase your comfort with lozenges or safe warm beverages.

19. Sore throat and headache caused by a bacterial throat infection

At times a sore throat can come down with a headache. Several conditions may trigger this occurrence, including viral or bacterial infections.
Most viral infections bring about a headache together with a sore throat. Some examples include common cold, mononucleosis, and flu.
A headache and sore throat may also be a result of bacterial infection. Streptococcal bacteria is the type of bacteria that causes these symptoms.

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